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One year ago...

Once upon a time, on the enchanting island of St. Croix in the Virgin Islands, Brian and Melody embarked on a journey that would sweeten their retired lives and create a delectable story of love and resilience. After years in the military and mental health business, they sought solace in the sun-kissed shores, envisioning lazy beach days and moments filled with creativity.

Their story took an unexpected turn in 2018 when a fateful accident left Brian unable to work. Undeterred by this challenge, the duo decided to celebrate Christmas 2022 with a homemade Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake. Little did they know that this delightful creation would become the catalyst for a new chapter in their lives.

During a friend and family Christmas gathering, the cheesecake stole the spotlight, receiving rave reviews from everyone present. The unanimous consensus was clear—Brian and Melody should be sharing this culinary masterpiece with the world. With a spirited "why not," they embarked on a delicious adventure, transforming their kitchen into the heart of a budding dessert bakery.

Armed with a small convection oven, a modest fridge, and unwavering determination, they faced the challenge head-on. Melody, now the skilled sous chef, took charge of the entire process—shopping for ingredients, crafting mixes, baking, decorating, and delivering the first cheesecake in January 2023. Brian, despite physical limitations, became the guiding force, imparting his wisdom from years in the kitchen.

The journey began with a single cheesecake at a time, but demand grew, and so did their ambitions. Over the course of the year, In House Desserts evolved, transforming their quaint kitchen into a bustling haven of sweet creations. A commercial oven, two refrigerators, a stand-up freezer, a larger mixer, and a dedicated room for dry storage were added to accommodate the growing enterprise.

What started as a small venture has blossomed into a thriving bakery, offering not just the beloved Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake but an array of mouthwatering treats, including tiramisu, zuppa inglese, chocolate mousse, and personalized requests. The journey has been fraught with challenges, but the couple's determination and love for their craft have propelled them forward.

As they reflect on the past year, Brian and Melody marvel at the distance they've covered. From a single cheesecake to an average of 16 per week, the growth has been both impressive and heartening. With gratitude for the support they've received and excitement for the future, they look forward to what the next year will bring—a continuation of their sweet success story, written one delectable dessert at a time. Cheers to In House Desserts and the magic they've created on the shores of St. Croix!

Thank you for all your support! Here is to many more years!

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